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  • Host an exciting 360º immersive storybook experience with actor-led interaction, aerial performances, hands-on play zones for both adults and children, riddles & mazes, all where the guests become the main character in their personalized Wonderland experience.

  • Immerse visitors in the wonderful world of Wonderland with our unique projection environments, iconic set pieces and much more… Lewis Carroll and Sir John Tenniel’s classic characters re-imagined in a breath-taking new format.

  • The scale and content of the experience is adaptable to individual venue requirements.

  • Engage a diverse range of audience members.

  • The Wonderland Experience offers educational field trip opportunities for your community, providing education outcomes in the areas of art, literature, history, technology, storytelling and creativity.

  • Incredible content for news groups, media partners, and social media influencers.

  • Terms and pricing are subject to duration, venue and operational requirements.

  • We offer turn-key installation for both indoor and outdoor venues, with the ability to easily adapt to sizing, terrain, landscaping, and room layout. 

  • We supervise installation and supply professional interactive performers.

  • Full marketing package supplied with video, web banners, social media, ad copy, and more.

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